From decking, to steps, to garden walls and ponds, we have a wide array of experience in landscaping. Whether you need a pond installed in your front garden, or need the shape of your garden reworking to accommodate a brand new patio area, let us know what your ideas are and we can provide a full service from design, to installation through to aftercare and maintenance. We offer a free no obligation quotation and survey when it comes to landscaping - as landscaping your garden can include many things from groundwork to remove existing material to installing a brand new garden shed for you.

Snow Removal

Parking lots and walkways will be kept clear for easy access and safety with our snow removal services. We offer a variety of services to ensure the grounds of your facility are accessible. We offer salt application, plowing, walkway clearing and de-icing. Our services are affordable and we can develop a scheduled plan to help you stay within budget. Our maintenance options ensure traffic needs of your facility are met. Contact us about contract pricing and ask for a quote.

Effective Asphalt Crack Sealing

Providing Top-Quality, Reliable Service. When you trust Stripe Utah LLC for parking lot striping and maintenance, you can count on us to uphold industry standards and provide you with top-notch work. If you have found cracks in your asphalt, it means that water and moisture may be building up, which will eventually expand and cause larger cracks. When this is allowed to continue without repair and maintenance, it can weaken the base and accelerate failure, which will typically need to be completely replaced.
The possible benefits of crack sealing include:

Saves money by not having to replace the asphalt
Prevents water penetration through water-proofing agent
Improves the overall aesthetic appearance
Prolongs pavement life through routine maintenance
Helps to slow the oxidation process

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Parking lot line Striping & Marking

Carefully Painted Lines is what we do at Stripe Utah LLC. We offer State wide parking lot striping and maintenance services. The layout and striping of parking lots for new projects as well as the restriping of existing lots are vital for a good first impression. When your parking lot is well-marked, it helps your customers to know exactly where to stop, walk, and park. This promotes safety and convenience, so they can easily identify where to park.
Stripe Utah LLC offers striping and restriping services for:
Parking lots
Parking decks
Parking garages
New construction + Layouts
Call today for a free quote. Let us show you how affordable can be.

Exterior Power Washing

No one wants to do business with a dirty location, but with all the work that running a business entails cleaning the exterior of your business or office can be difficult and time-consuming. But now our team is proud to offer exterior power washing services. We use only the best tools for the job to get at all the dirt, grime, and mildew that might pollute your office exteriors so that your customers will visit the cleanest buildings around. Best of all is that we are willing to do one-off jobs or work on contract so that you can tailor your power washing to your business’ exact needs. To have this valuable service for your business, give our team a call today.